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Dr. Arlen F. Chase is Chair of the Department of Anthropology and a Pegasus Professor, specializing in anthropological archaeology. His primary focus of research is on the ancient Maya of Central America. He received his B.A. in 1975 and his Ph.D. in 1983 in anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania (A Contextual Consideration of the Tayasal-Paxcaman Zone, El Peten, Guatemala). His research interests focus on archaeological method and theory in the Maya area with particular emphasis on contextual, settlement, and ceramic analysis and secondary interests on urbanism, ethnicity, and epigraphic interpretation. He has been at UCF since 1984 and teaches: Archaeology and the Rise of Human Culture, Mesoamerican Archaeology, Archaeological Method and Theory, The Ancient Maya, Maya Hieroglyphic Writing, and field courses in Belize. For the last two decades, he has co-directed excavations at Caracol, Belize; before that he worked on a seven year project at Santa Rita Corozal in the same country. He has authored over 100 publications as well as The Lowland Maya Postclassic (1985; edited with P.M. Rice), Investigations at the Classic Maya City of Caracol Belize: 1985-1987 (1987; with D.Z. Chase), A Postclassic Perspective: Excavations at the Maya Site of Santa Rita Corozal, Belize (1988; with D.Z. Chase), Mesoamerican Elites: An Archaeological Assessment (1992; with D.Z. Chase), and Studies in the Archaeology of Caracol, Belize (1994; edited with D.Z. Chase). He is currently working on a book, being co-authored with D.Z. Chase, called Maya Archaeology: Reconstructing an Ancient Civilization. With D.Z. Chase, he also serves as the Maya Studies Series Editor for the University Press of Florida.
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